MW Outfits is the largest supplier of winter clothing rentals in the Yukon.

We provide high quality winter clothing packages to tourists, government workers, and to the film industry.

We will keep you warm with our winter clothes including our own specialized parka (double-insulated, wind and waterproof), complemented with our insulated bib overall snow pants, felt pack boots, insulated mitts, and toques.

Depending on your needs, we offer 2 different packages. The Arctic package rated at -40 degrees is designed for extreme temperature for those who are winter/outdoor activity lovers. While the Northern Lights package is a good alternative for guests who want to enjoy the city of Whitehorse and see the amazing aurora borealis in a secure environment where temperatures are not expected to get below -15oC.

For your convenience and your peace of mind, you will find your bag, identified with a nametag, ready at any downtown hotel. Advance booking can be made by clicking our order form.  MW Outfits accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard or Debit card.

See you in the Yukon!

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